North Charlotte residents will meet Thursday with officials from Forsite Development, the company that wants to buy and recycle the county’s trash to create fuel pellets for an electric power plant in western Mecklenburg.

Members of the Derita-Statesville Road Community Organization invited officials from Forsite to their monthly meeting because they want first-hand information about a proposed recycling plant near North Graham Street and Interstate 85.

They say the plan to send hundreds of trash trucks to the recycling center at 1200 Amble Drive, before the trucks head to a landfill, could cause congestion on North Graham Street.

“The idea behind it, for our environment, is a wonderful idea,” said Sylvia Cannon, the group’s vice president. “I just want to see it done right, with the least amount of impact on our area and our neighbors.”

Forsite Development has proposed building a $126 million waste-to-energy power plant to anchor ReVenture Park, a planned 667-acre energy complex near the Catawba River in western Mecklenburg.

Kansas-based ICM Inc. would build and operate the plant, which would use 370,000 tons a year of the county’s residential trash.

The $30 million recycling center would be at a separate site, near an existing county recycling center. Charlotte-based FCR Casella also would operate the new facility and would participate in developing it.

Waste would be sorted to remove harmful trash and recyclable material, shredded and pressed into pellets that could be heated to produce a gas that would become fuel for making electricity.

The gas would be used to make steam that turns a generator and makes electricity.

The county currently pays $26.50 per ton to dispose of trash at a landfill. It would pay $25 a ton under the new proposal, said Bruce Gledhill, county solid waste director.

Gledhill estimates “a couple of hundred” trucks a day would make a stop at the proposed 17-acre Amble Drive site, which would house a 165,000-square-foot recycling plant.

Most of those trucks would get to the recycling center by traveling on I-85 to the Graham Street exit, said Tom McKittrick, Forsite’s president.

McKittrick said he is aware of concerns about additional traffic on Graham and believes it is a valid concern.

“We want to address all comments and ideas,” he said. “It’s in our best interest to keep traffic moving.”

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