ReVenture Park will transform a dormant textile dye manufacturing plant (667 acres) into an “Eco Industrial Park”, specifically focused on attracting Clean Energy projects while promoting environmental stewardship. The project has been recognized as a Wildlife and Industry Together (W.A.I.T.) site by the North Carolina Wildlife Federation for the wildlife stewardship exhibited at their facility. The certification by the Federation recognizes ReVenture Park’s work toward creating and enhancing valuable wildlife habitat on its grounds.

W.A.I.T. is a program designed to foster public awareness and participation in conservation, wildlife restoration and wildlife protection activities. Companies participating in W.A.I.T. agree to convert a portion of their property into wildlife habitat, appoint an employee committee to coordinate the W.A.I.T. plan for the site and develop educational opportunities for employees and the local community.

“We are thrilled to have been granted the W.A.I.T. Certification. ReVenture will create a unique interface of industrial renewable energy projects with extensive wildlife and botanical habitat enhancements,” said Tom McKittrick, President of the Forsite Development, Inc. in charge of the project.

The ReVenture Park master plan establishes a 185 – acre conservation easement with wildlife viewing areas in upland forests, perennial streams, bottomland forests, wetlands, riparian buffer areas, and riverine aquatic habitats, with trails and interpretive signage throughout the eco-industrial park.

“From butterfly gardens and purple martin condos to salamander coverboards and bat boxes, these efforts are designed to balance muliple uses with shared priorty,” states Tim Gestwicki, Federation Executive Director. “This site serves as a model habitat that will benefit local wildlife and further the goal to have every available acre in the state best managed for wildlife.”

“Clariant has made it a priority to responsibly manage the land and the wildlife on our Mount Holly site for decades, including the Long Creek Bluff conservation easement, one of the first such corporate land donations made to the Catawba Lands Conservancy. We are gratified to see that Forsite Development Group’s ReVenture project is continuing Clariant’s commitment to these values from the W.A.I.T. certification and we congratulate them on this accomplishment.” Said Mike Teague, Head of Environmental, Safety, Health Affairs for Clariant in North America.

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