MUSKEGON, MI — Consumers Energy has announced a North Carolina company intends to buy and demolish the B.C. Cobb Power Plant.

Forsite Development Inc. of North Carolina plans to acquire the power plant and the J.R. Whiting site in Luna Pier, according to a statement from Consumers Energy.

Both sites are expected to be demolished within two years of the finalized transaction. However, sale of the two sites is pending approval from the Michigan Public Service Commission.

Consumers Energy plans to submit a filing with the regulator this April and the MPSC has up to 180 days to review and act on the request.

Consumers Energy said previously copies of its future-use studies were provided to the proposed re-developers as a potential guide for their own future plans.

The study suggested three activities for the property:
1. Expanded deep water port
2. An agri-business center
3. A sustainable manufacturing center.

The utility determined the expected sale was the best route for the future of the key site in Muskegon County.

After nearly 67 years of operation, Consumers Energy shut down the power plant in April 2016.

The plant was the last of Consumers’ “Classic Seven” coal power plants to be decommissioned because of tightening EPA emissions standards.

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By Meagan Beck