An ambitious and exciting recycling initiative is now underway at ReVenture Park. Crews are pulling out 180,000 pounds of metal – including stainless steel and copper – from this once abandoned textile dye manufacturing facility. Instead of going to waste, these metals will be put back to use in traditional and non-traditional ways – all of which are detailed below.

Click here to watch a video clip of recycling crews in action. This video is HD quality and free for your use

The visionaries behind ReVenture Park plan to recover an estimated 1.5 million pounds of metal from 15 shuttered industrial buildings located on the 667-acre site. “We are working diligently to ensure as much of it is sold and put back to work as possible,” says Tom McKittrick, President and Founder of Forsite Development. “In the first building alone, we estimate we salvaged over 7,000 linear feet of two inch stainless steel piping that we will use on other projects.”

Most of the buildings also have extensive piping, racking, tanks, and other processing equipment that will be harvested and recycled. Once those spaces are cleared, the developers will renovate them into low cost space for all types of innovative clean energy technologies and companies.


Not only will the metals be reused and recycled for new industry, ReVenture Park developers are working with UNC-Charlotte art students on an innovative new beatification project. These creative students will be transforming some of the salvaged material into metal sculptures that will ultimately be displayed throughout the site. “We are both honored and excited to tackle a project of this scope. We will be crafting an explicit, tangible and, yes, beautiful expression of the metamorphosis about to begin at ReVenture Park.” Michael Haag and Joseph Bondi, UNC- Charlotte art students.

The Environmental Protection Agency is also spotlighting ReVenture Park for being a development site which reuses existing materials rather than building from new materials. You can read more on their feature here.

As the developers of ReVenture Park, Forsite Development Inc. has retained NELCO Recycling and Aggregate of Mooresville, NC to manage the interior demolition and recycling of metals.