Case Study: Clean Energy

Forsite developed two (2) Renewable Natural Gas power projects (“Clean Energy Projects”) to serve as anchor projects for the redevelopment of a former Clariant Corp chemical plant just outside Charlotte, NC. The 667-acre former site was a registered Federal Superfund site. In addition to Forsite negotiating the delisting from Superfund and securing a North Carolina Brownfield Agreement, Forsite attracted several high-end tenants for Clariant in a redevelopment plan and implementation that has received several awards and accolades. The aforementioned power projects were designed to generate renewable, sustainable electricity while also having the capability to generate steam for future tenants.

The Clean Energy projects operate as a combined heat and power project, generating approximately 4 MW of electricity and approximately 5 MW of useful thermal work to help satisfy North Carolina’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard.

Forsite has owned and operated these projects since 2012 and has become extremely adept at the operations and maintenance of large natural gas reciprocating engines. We continuously improve our operations, limit downtime, and cut maintenance costs and this project serves as an example of our operational capabilities.

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December 18th, 2015

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