Creating jobs & cleaner energy to benefit Charlotte’s citizens and the environment

ReVenture Park is an ambitious project to reinvent nearly 700 acres of a former Superfund Site along the Catawba River into Charlotte’s first Eco-Industrial Park. This is where an abandoned and contaminated textile dye plant will be transformed into a thriving hub for renewable energy projects, bringing with it the creation of hundreds of jobs, and the injection of millions of dollars into our local economy.

It’s about so much more than simply clean up. We’re committed to the clean energy future at ReVenture Park. One of first projects will turn wood materials destined for the landfill into a synthetic gas similar to natural gas. The process will generate clean renewable energy while generating only a tiny fraction of emissions produced by traditional power plants.

The team at Forsite Development is focused on the future of this land and wants nothing to go to waste. Valuable metals and other materials already here will be harvested for recycling. And existing buildings will house more than 300,000 sq ft of green technology and business space. They are also partnering with local organizations and learning communities to create a new K-20 learning center that will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education.

Environmental stewardship is at the core of the ReVenture Park mission and The North Carolina Wildlife Federation has already recognized our commitment with the Wildlife and Industry Together certification.

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