There are hundreds of coal-fired power plants that have been or will soon be shuttered throughout the US. The fate awaiting many of these plants is demolition and the ultimate management of the legacy environmental conditions, which may include removal of Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) from impoundments. For the majority of these sites there has been little thought regarding repurposing and redevelopment.

Coal-fired power plants have extensive infrastructure including; waste water treatment, water intake/discharge, rail, solid fuel material handling, barge terminals, active air permits and dual power feeds. Much of this infrastructure can be repurposed or repositioned to attract a wide array of clean energy and traditional industrial uses. Additionally, many of these plants have extensive buffer lands where “eco-assets” can be realized including; stream/wetland mitigation projects, conservation easements, energy crop production and others. Forsite has developed a unique expertise that can create “non-traditional” value by reusing or monetizing this infrastructure.

35 MW Coal-Fired Power Plants – Lumberton, NC

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35 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant – Elizabethtown, NC

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