The abundance of large shuttered industrial plants and the emergence of the clean energy economy has created a unique opportunity to breathe new life into these sites with an Eco-Industrial Park redevelopment plan.  Forsite is actively involved in acquiring large, dormant industrial tracts that can be recycled into industrial parks with a major focus on clean energy project development.

Ideal sites for the EIP redevelopment model include large shuttered or underutilized manufacturing complexes of 200+ acres with large buffers. The sites have heavy infrastructure with active permits; rail, trans-loading, central steam plants, onsite power generation, waste-water treatment plants, water intake, dedicated natural gas, heavy electrical interconnect and/or deep water ports access.

We believe the Eco Industrial Park model represents a powerful and transformative redevelopment trend that can be duplicated throughout the US.  An “industry transformer” that offers substantial upside to the earlier adopters.

Reventure Park. Charlotte, NC

ReVenture Park Case Study


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